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The Hospital Research Foundation Group Board

The Hospital Research Foundation Group Board of Directors oversee our charities to ensure they are delivering accountable performance and sustainable growth in accordance with charitable objectives.

Board Sub-Committees

  • Governance and Risk Committee

John MacPhail (Chair), Dr Stephen Rodda, John Woodward, Paul Flynn, Briony Marshall

  • ICT Committee

Brigadier Alison Creagh AM CSC (Ret’d) (Chair), John Woodward, John MacPhail, Brock Sperryn, Paul Flynn, Briony Marshall, Michael Paradowski

  • Finance and Audit Committee

Luciana Larkin (Chair), Dr Stephen Rodda, MaryLou Bishop, Paul Flynn, Briony Marshall

  • Remuneration and Human Resources Committee

John MacPhail (Chair), Andrew Mannix, Rilka Warbanoff, Paul Flynn, Briony Marshall, Giselle Stannard

Advisory Committee

  • Research Advisory Committee

Carmela Sergi (Chair), Professor Alan Boddy, Dr Anne-Lise Chaber, Anne Hinton, Wendy Keech, Professor Ben Kile, Paul Lambert, Hendrika Meyer, Professor David Watson, Dr Camille Morliere, Briony Marshall

Advisory Boards

The Hospital Research Foundation Group has a number of Advisory Boards that oversee our charities.

  • Military and Emergency Services Health Australia Board of Governors

Brigadier Alison Creagh AM CSC (Ret’d) – Chair, Andrew Mannix (Deputy Chair), John Godwin, Chief Officer Michael Morgan, Commissioner Georgeina Whelan AM CSC and Bar, Major General Cheryl Pearce AM, Paul Flynn, Dr Miranda Van Hooff, Karen May, Fiona Smithson, Briony Marshall, Emma Schwarz

  • Centre for Creative Health Board of Governors

Dr Joe Verco AM (Chair), MaryLou Bishop, Rilka Warbanoff, Nicholas Linke, Anthony Hurl, Fiona Smithson, Pamela Martin, Dr Helen McLean AM, Jodie Mannix, Sarah McDonald

  • The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Parkinson’s Board of Governors

Alison Perrot (Chair), Prof. Eileen Willis, Michael Bakker, Kevin Weeks, Martyn Edwards, John MacPhail

  • The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Palliative Care Board of Governors

Maureen Mesiti, Tim Williams, Kate Swetenham, Helen Walker, Prof. Jennifer Tieman, Dr Tim To, Dr Sue Bastian, Dr Alastair Bonnin, Mark Waters, Lawrie Palmer, Helen Wilkins, Briony Marshall, Fi Abraham, Tony Lawson

  • The Hospital Research Foundation Group – Stroke Board of Governors

Christine Schutz, Simon Lane, Anne Hamilton-Bruce, Karyn Kennedy, Janet Evans, Maria Crotty, Paul Bovington, Saran Chamberlain, Stacey George, Viv Wilson